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Benefits of Vitamin D

⚠️ Disclaimer: I'm a hobbyist experimenting on myself. Take these results with a big grain of salt. Correlation is not causation!

Vitamin D is said to improve bone health, immune function, mood, among other things. I supplemented vitamin D on and off for 60 days, measuring how it correlated with my sleep and vital stats (captured with a WHOOP band and an Apple Watch).

LongevityLab stat card for vitamin d One unit in the graph corresponds to 5000 IU of vitamin D.

The results

In my 60-day experiment, vitamin D intake correlated with:

My takeaways from this experiment:

All in all, the experiment was a success!


If you do decide to try supplementing vitamin D yourself, be sure to not go over the recommended dose. Excessive vitamin D intake can cause kidney damage, nausea, and vomiting, among other things. Consult healthcare professionals before starting any new supplement regimen.

Other supplements

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